Voting District, Banks County, Georgia

About Voting District

"Voting district" is the generic name for geographic entities such as precincts, wards, and election districts established by state and local governments for the purpose of conducting elections. States participating

in the Census 2000 and Census 2010 Redistricting Data Programs as part of Public Law 94-171 (1975) provided the Census Bureau with boundaries, codes, and names for their voting districts.

Census 2010 Voting Districts

For 2010, "pseudo voting districts" were identified in instances when participating states chose to identify sub-areas within a voting district or when the VTD did not follow the legally described boundary (for example, in states that require that VTD boundaries follow visible features for purposes of tabulating and presenting census data). The Census Bureau identified these smaller areas as "pseudo voting districts," with a "P" in the voting district indicator (VTDI10) field. Where the participating state indicated that the voting districts they submitted exactly match the precincts or other election districts in the state, the Census Bureau indicates the voting districts are "actual" by populating the VTDI10 field with an "A." In cases where a participating state did not indicate to the Census Bureau whether the voting district was "actual" or "pseudo," the VTDI10 field defaults to "P."

Rhode Island did not participate in Phase 2 of the 2010 Census Redistricting Data Program.

Montana and Oregon participated in Phase 2, but did not provide voting districts for every county in their state.

Kentucky participated in other aspects of Phase 2, but did not provide any voting districts for their state.;
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